At ReLeaf Topicals, we adore our customers and receive amazing testimonials and compliments nearly every day! I can't tell you how gratifying and heart warming that is :) Below are some of our recent ones, check out the Facebook Page for ongoing testimonials and recommendations too! https://www.facebook.com/herbsandhemp/ 

Arthritis and Knee Replacement: My package arrived and WOW! My elbow was extremely painful today from shoveling snow and of course my thumbs had the usual arthritis aches. I tore into that package as soon as I got home applied the salve. In just a few minutes I was pain free. WOW is all I can say. My husband recently had knee replacement surgery. Where they applied the tourniquet is the most painful part of his leg. Deep bruising, he says his thigh is significantly less tender. Joint replacement and post surgical pain seem to be greatly lessened by the pain relief salve! And thank you for the lip balm. Both smell heavenly BTW. Aprille, Nova Scotia

Knee Arthritis and Awaiting Knee Surgery: My husband and I both use the Pain ReLeaf ointment that Charlene has made. The ointment works within minutes and the pain is gone for me most of the day. I have a lot of pain in my knee (arthritis) and the relief that I have is just amazing.
For my husband, he had some surgery and needs a new knee but cannot have the surgery done yet. The salve has made a huge impact on his pain management.thank you for making such a great product! Gloria, Lindsay ON
Skin Relief Salve  I'd been plagued by a rash for over a year, so itchy I'd take antihistamines twice a day. Tried everything from the Dr. and over the counter to no avail. This skin relief salve works! Almost all clear, in less than a week! I need to get the larger jar!! Elaine, Lindsay
Broken Toes: I had broken two toes which immediately went black and blue and swollen. I applied the pain relief salve over the next few days, the swelling went down and the colour normalized. The pain was greatly reduced and I was walking with little discomfort! Lori, Dunsford
Neck, Shoulder and Arthritic Hands:   I had been using the pain relief salve for the pain in my neck and shoulder with amazing results. A week later I realized that the arthritic pain I have suffered with in both hands was gone from my right hand- the one which I apply the salve with! Now applying to both hands and they are free of pain! I love the smell of this salve too!  Dorris, Omemee 
Relentless Eczema: I've suffered with fussy skin for ever, eczema that would never quite clear up even with prescriptions. I began using the skin relief salve and within just a few days, my skin was clear, not scaly, dry or itchy! I love the fact that its all natural and locally made!  Kevin, Lindsay
Bumpy Rash and Dry Skin: I had an itchy, dry raised rash on my back that was quite irritating along with dry winter skin. I used the Mango Butter Body Repair and the rash is gone and my skin feels and remains well hydrated and restored. I use it on my arms, face and neck too- it smells amazing!  Mike, Lindsay
Wrinkles Reduced!  I started using the Ultimate Skin Repair Serum this past winter and what an amazing difference in skin around my eyes and mouth! I feel that I look years younger and my skin is soft and supple. The serum is very pleasant on the skin, not oily and has a lovely fragrance! Darlene, Lindsay
Custom Oil Blend: I suffer from extreme anxiety and a daily basis. I have been doing Reiki and Energy Healing with Charlene and she created a custom blend for me. It has made such a difference in my day to day functioning, I love the smell and the words that she gave me to say when applying it are wonderful and helpful to me. Sara, Little Britain
Horrible Knee Pain: Want to send a big thank you to Charlene for the Pain ReLeaf topical. It worked almost right away on my husbands painful knee. He is walking a lot better and pain has eased off, he is much happier. He was able to go back to work and had been applying it a few times a day, now just once a day! Thank you again so much. ~Kay
Need A New Hip!  I used the Pain Relief Salve on my hip that's wore right out and hurts me constantly. I take a ton of anti-inflammatories in a day, which I want to stop, or at least reduce. Well I now can! I couldn't believe how fast this worked and how long the efficacy lasted. Love it, thanks for your help! Sam, Lindsay
Headache Relief:  I suffer very bad headaches that are typically weather related and do not respond well at all to meds. I rolled the headache relief on my temples, wrists and forehead, not really expecting any results and within 5 minutes the pain began to subside! Within half an hour my headache was totally gone! No pills! I won't go without this now!!  Cheryl, Peterborough
Insomnia No More! I have had difficulty sleeping for most of my adult life. I tried the Stress Relief bath salts one evening and I slept better than I can remember sleeping! I also tried the Pain Relief Salts and same thing, I had an amazing sleep and my aching back was totally cleared up! How simple is that to relax and soak your self to peaceful slumber!!  Both smelled amazing and I felt excellent the following day!  Debbie, Janetville